How to Use Custom Imagery in Outreach to Double Your Conversions

Date: September 2, 2022

An email marketing campaign that is tailored to individual customers increases conversion rates faster and more effectively than any other method of communication. Despite the industry you are in, customers love a service that provides them with personalized emails. You will be rewarded for your efforts with a median return on investment ratio (ROI) of 122%. As a matter of fact, one of the most essential components of personalization is using custom imagery, i.e., personalized images.

How to Use Custom Imagery in Outreach to Double Your Conversions

The use of custom imagery increases the number of conversions and enhances the user experience of your customers. It is an experience that they find increasingly valuable. A study shows that 80% of consumers prefer brands that offer custom imagery and personalized messages. In the same study, 90% of consumers said that brands should personalize content for them.

A personalized email can provide your customers with animated gifs and personalized pictures based on their behavior and data. In this article, you will learn everything there is to know about custom imagery.

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Custom Imagery: What's So Special About It?

Personalizing your email images is a great way to give your customers a unique experience based on their behavior. One of the most exciting things about personalized imagery is that there are no limits to what you can do. Take things beyond the basics, such as first names, and take them to the next level. Provide your customers' coupon codes, special offers, products with features, and customer loyalty information.

Using custom imagery can significantly increase response rates since images communicate emotions more than text alone and affect recipients before they start reading. Custom imagery can captivate your recipient's attention when it contains his or her name, a prompt that entices them to read on.

You can send personalized pictures to mailing recipients on special occasions. It might be their name on a birthday cake or the airport display board showing their travel destination.

Through custom imagery, you can create dynamic images that can be adjusted to a viewer's preferences by adding points of personalization that change over time. For example:

  • Location
  • Name
  • Company logo
  • Customized text
  • Screenshots

Is Custom Imagery a Good Idea For Your Outreach?

There is no limit to how personalized messages can be. Most of us learn visually, so using an image in our outreach can be even more effective than personalized text. A prospect or custom imagery is basically any image that reflects the customers.

RoboImages integrates with 100s of platforms regardless of your email provider, so adding personalization to your outreach is a breeze with a simple copy-paste.

Is Custom Imagery a Good Idea For Your Outreach?

Marketing professionals should definitely incorporate this technique because it can increase conversion rates. Images that relate to your customers and the products you offer will often prompt them to respond through an email link or a purchase. The use of custom imagery can also increase your audience's engagement and interaction. In this way, you can demonstrate a genuine interest in them as a person and prove that you would like to connect with them on a deeper level.

What is Custom Imagery, and How Does It Work?

In almost every sales or marketing office, you will hear, time and again, that user engagement has become more complex. Although each of us has the same number of minutes and hours in the day, it seems that demand for those minutes and hours is becoming fierce and overcrowded. Therefore, we must ask ourselves, what can be done to overcome this problem? Are there any ways we can cut back on the noise and get our prospects' attention back?

Studies have been conducted on how the human brain processes information and the overwhelming results indicate that visual communication is far more effective than written communication.

There are several reasons why visual visualization works from a human perspective. First, we process visual data more efficiently than other data types. 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and the human brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text. Using our visual skills to process data and improve organizational effectiveness is a skill we are born with.

The image used in a personalized campaign reflects the target audience's personality. Custom imagery can be used in various media, such as emails, LinkedIn outreach, video intros and outros, presentations, blog articles, infographics, and other social media platforms. Your company will appear more human and approachable when you provide personalization instead of just a logo or a brand image. Utilize customized imagery in an email campaign to reach out to potential customers!

Different Ways To Use Personalized Images In Email

First Name Personalization

The simplest way to personalize an image is to write your recipient's name over it. This type of personalization is particularly effective when sending a birthday email, which is a personalized message.

Personalize Using Company Logo

The idea is that when the prospect scrolls down the page, your company logo will be the first thing they notice. Your message can be tailored effectively using this method.

Personalize using LinkedIn/Website screenshots

A screenshot of a website or LinkedIn profile is an excellent way to demonstrate that you've researched the company. Showing your prospects that you are serious will increase their engagement with your email.

But there's always a catch. It is cumbersome to manage hundreds of prospects, edit one hundred more individualized images, load them into a drive, and then link them all together in emails.

Discount Announcement Email

Marketing emails that announce discounts can include personalized images. There is no doubt that a personalization approach to email marketing can go a long way toward increasing conversions.

Share Account Information

A personalized image can also be a valuable way to give your customers a new and innovative way to access information about their accounts. Get rid of the boring emails and make yours more enjoyable.

Show your customers how they've progressed over time through animated bank statements and account data. Your customers will love it and keep clicking on your emails if you engage them with some gamification.


A visual representation of information, such as an infographic, combines text and images. They aim to provide visual representation and symbolism for data presented in a blog post or story.

The use of infographics can increase web traffic by 12%. They also simplify life for your readers. According to recent research, people who follow directions with illustrations and text do 323% better than those who follow directions without illustrations. Consider creating an infographic to accompany your in-depth blog posts, how-to articles, or essential reports.


GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format for short) are animated visuals composed of either moving elements from an image or still frames from a video, TV show, or movie. While GIFs have been around since the 1980s, brands, and companies have just recently become more familiar with them.

Your marketing can be enhanced with GIFs in a few different ways. For one, you can create your own animated GIF of a graphic or visual. Using free or inexpensive tools can do it with little or no expertise.

Create Virality and Referrals

Give your customers the pleasure of receiving their very own personalized ticket when you are running an event. The purpose of this is not only to make attendees feel special but also to encourage them to share on Twitter and Instagram for prizes, etc., which helps create a wave of virality with your own audience.

The Benefits of Using Custom Imagery for Conversion

Customized imagery is all about the customer and can be tailored based on the qualities they are most likely to be interested in. Your marketing will be more effective when you tailor the content so that they feel their needs are essential. Marketers can also use it to convey an authentic message to customers who may have been disappointed by expectations set before their input was obtained.

The following are some of the benefits of using custom imagery:

Increased Conversions Through Better User Experience

Quality custom imagery improves the user experience, which leads to more conversions. Visual content is important to readers, whether it illustrates text or simply accompanies an article. There is a 90 percent increase in total views for articles and blog posts that include images. Photo and video attachments also increase press release views by 45%.

It is also possible to use lifestyle photos so that the viewer develops a stronger connection with the product and is able to visualize themselves using it. The best part is that social media and reviews generate user-generated content that offers triple benefits:

  1. Increasing conversions through social proof
  2. Digital assets effectively for free
  3. Ranking factors for SEO

The result will be a more confident purchase decision for your customers.

Custom Imagery Encourages Sales

Using custom imagery encourages customers to make purchases and drives sales. You can convince customers of the superiority of your product without even saying a word by using images to draw attention to its prime features.

Custom Imagery is Memorable

It is more likely that the prospect will remember your brand for a longer period of time when you use the appropriate customized image in the right context. Moreover, the prospect better understands the individual they are communicating with, which leads to a stronger relationship. The brand recall will naturally increase when you leave a mark on the prospect.

Convey Messages in a Better Way

Messages can be conveyed more effectively through images than through words. This establishes a connection between you and your target audience and sparks their interest, and may even make them want to respond to you. By showing interest in your prospect, not just their brand, you come across as a down-to-earth person, which adds to your credibility.

Custom Imagery Keeps Readers Around

Readers are more likely to stay on a site with images. The average time a visitor spends on your website or blog is 15 seconds. If your articles and site pages contain engaging and exciting images, visitors will be more inclined to spend more time on them.

A Guide to Using Customized Imagery in Your Marketing Campaigns

Email is a popular channel for sending personal images, but we can use personalized images in various other channels and ways in our business marketing.

  • When it comes to a business social network, LinkedIn is often referred to as the biggest and best. You can increase engagement in your LinkedIn messages by more than two times by using custom imagery.
  • It is also possible to use personalized pics via chatbots or conversational commerce, as they are sometimes referred to. The ability to reply to prospects' inputs visually while accompanying the text is an excellent way to drive engagement.
  • Using direct mail tools like postcards to deliver personalized visualizations is a great way to reach out to potential customers in a way that is different from what many media channels offer. Personalized postcards are incredibly touchy and are almost impossible to miss, which will definitely increase your open rate.
  • Making your landing pages and blog posts more personal with images and text is a great way to increase website conversions. According to HubSpot's survey of over 300,000 websites, personalization around the call-to-action increases conversions by more than 2X.


Most of the world's population is visual learners, meaning graphics play an important role in nearly every aspect of our lives. Educating new prospects about your products and services is especially important when you are trying to engage them. The use of custom imagery can simplify and summarize content, allowing people to remember and process information about your products more efficiently. Using an animated gif or picture can also generate a stronger emotional response than words alone, leading to higher levels of engagement.

If you want an incredible personalized image service, roboimages is the right choice. This tool is specifically designed to be used by sales teams and sales development teams. As a result, many valuable features can be utilized, for instance, personalizing websites, creating personalized videos, and creating personalized images.

Sign up today and provide a captivating experience in your outreach emails, LinkedIn messages, and more!

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